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You will get an account in our secured system where you have insight into your bookings and rental income. We are here 24/7 to help with legal matters, tax matters, and everything related to setting up and running a rental property.

Transparent Communication

Because we have multiple locations on the coast, we are always close to your home and have a quick response time for whatever is needed. This also means that you can swing by at any time for some coffee and a chat!

Always on Location

For a smaller part of the rental sum, at ViVi Homes we go the extra mile for our partners. We do so much more for our clients than any other Property Management company on the Costa del Sol.

The Best Price

We subtly and selectively work with the extra services we offer to make the guests' experience unforgettable. We make sure our guest relationships result in repeat visits and positive reviews, which guarantees a fixed and increased return for you as a homeowner.

5-Star Service

Coming from the Dutch hospitality, we have set a very high standard for ourselves, which can be seen in our communication and professionalism. ViVi Homes has renowned partners to assist us in all types of service provision.

Experienced Team

We communicate with you and our guests in the preferred language. We speak Spanish, English, German, and Dutch. A comfortable and familiar feeling for both parties.

Multilingual Staff

Because we do more for our guests and aim to create a name in the Costa del Sol with a certain standard. We aim to get you a 6-12% return on your investment yearly. This depends on the location and type of accommodation.

High Financial Return

Our team takes care of your home as if it were our own. Always kept in perfect condition, the damage is immediately communicated and solved. This way we can be sure that not only you but also our guests are satisfied with your property of course!

Caring for your Property

We work with professional cleaners. Who can save you time, increase the quality of cleaning, and create an inviting environment for your guests. Another advantage is that it is managed by us, and not paid for by you, but by the guest.

Cleaning service

The cost of this usually runs into the thousands of euros, which increases every year due to the wear and tear of the linen. We offer this for free, this strategy will ensure a 5-star rating from guests on your home care and will result in repeat visits and higher paying customers.

Linen package

Items/Inventory will be repaired promptly, and reported to you when we deem it necessary. Please note that the cost of repairs and extra hours is not included in the package.

Repairs and Maintenance

Our channel management software ensures that your house is available on all major booking platforms such as Airbnb,,, etc. Our online marketing does not cost you anything, we make the booking party pay for it, NOT you.

Online Marketing

We have a partner that specializes in marketing trends and sets prices on the basis of developments in this market. Is there for example a event going on in a particular area? We will increase the prices for those nights in only this area to make sure you as a homeowner will always be ensured of the best income and occupancy.

Revenue Management Softwarey

We have a third party software installed that ensures that all guests that book with us are obliging the following requirements; they accepted our general conditions, they pay a security deposit, they accept the community and house rules, and they register with their passport.

Guest Screening

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Find out how much income your property can generate.

We actively manage over 100 rental properties along the Costa del Sol.

Rental Management

  • Professional cleaning and dry-cleaning
  • Providing bath- and bed linen including its cleaning
  • Providing plants and pots inside and outside (not in the soil)
  • Replacing or repairing broken and defective items
  • Our handy-man takes care of repair and maintenance
  • Guest contact and rental process
  • Assisting in the interior design process or make-overs of your home
  • Connecting audio and TVs indoors
  • Providing (LED) lighting inside and outside
  • Replacement and replenishment of pottery, cutlery and glassware
  • Transport to and from the airport
  • And much more … just ask!

Our extra facility services


Why start renting out?

Well, every week you don't spend in your (holiday) home is an opportunity to generate extra income! This can greatly reduce your fixed costs, and even increase your equity. You can get this extra income while you focus on your daily life, we can do the work for you! We aim for a return on investment of between 6-12% on your property, this depends on the location and type of home you rent out. You are able to stay in your home country or anywhere you'd like. Of course, you can always come and enjoy your holiday home!

Don't want to rent out your property?

We understand! ViVi Homes is aware that not everyone is interested in renting out their home. Therefore, we don’t only offer our services to homeowners that are interested in creating a return on their investment, we also want permanent residents to enjoy our luxury, and facility services. Contact us if you are interested in any of the services on our website. Cleaning, a private chef, or transport, to name a few!

In a nutshell, ViVi Homes takes care of everything related to the rental of your holiday home. We also offer a wide range of luxury services for your enjoyment on the Costa del Sol, and functional services that will make your life easier!

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