From 15% of the Rental Price

  • Full Marketing & Revenue Optimization 
  • Secure Payment Handling 
  • Full Income Transparency  
  • ViVi Homes Linen Package  
  • Guest Screening 
  • Complete Hospitality Management 
  • Cleaning & Check-Out Inspection  
  • Support Legal & Tax Requirements  


From 15% (Excl. VAT) of the Rental Amount  

As our partner with this package, you can be sure that everything will be taken care of down to the last detail. The stress of owning and renting out your property is completely taken over by ViVi Homes, allowing you to relax and enjoy your return on investment.  


Full Marketing Management 

We can provide the best online marketing for you so that your property is listed on the most well-known booking platforms. Think of travel agencies like Airbnb, Spain-Holiday, HomeAway, etc. This costs you nothing extra! We make sure that the guest is charged for these advertising costs. ViVi Homes is known for their occupation level and Return on Investment satisfaction with homeowners. 


Dynamic Pricing & Revenue Optimization 

By pricing dynamically in the market, we want to achieve the highest possible return on your property. Our revenue management department is on top of the dynamic pricing strategy, causing our listings to be on top of the search results world-wide. 


Secure Payment Handling  

ViVi Homes manages all payments and returns from your guests. We will make sure guests pay according to our policy to make sure our homeowners can be paid their fair share. 


Full Income Transparency 

As we want to be completely transparent with you, you will receive an account to connect to our platform, which will allow you to get insights on all reservations and income at your property, connected real time. You can also view your returns and statements in our secure area and get a settlement every month making it easy for your book keeping. 


Flexible Private Stays 

Our company policy is very flexible for private stays so you can enjoy your property whenever you want, it is up to you. When you want to make well-deserved use of your property, you can the block dates for you, your family, or your friends easily in our system. 


ViVi Homes Linen Package 

Linen sets are constantly renewed, we only use each set of linen for 1 year to ensure that our guests have the best quality. We would like to highlight our linen hire package and the benefits it offers. These include a luxurious look, the use of multiple sets next to each other to reduce wear and tear and the logistical process which is improved by the universal laundry. This package is unique and saves you thousands of euros in investment as a rental homeowner. 

This strategy will ensure a 5-star rating from guests at your home care and will result in repeat visits and higher paying customers. This linen is also available for your own stay, and you no longer need to arrange this yourself, your home is always ready for you!  


Guest Screening 

At ViVi Homes we understand how important the well-being of your beautiful holiday home is. We focus mainly on attracting families, and do not normally accept parties or same-sex groups under 30 years old.  

Key transfer is done in person, or through a safe or smart lock, keeping in touch with the guest. We require a security deposit from the guest, from which any damage caused by them will be deducted. 


Complete Hospitality Management  

ViVi Homes 5 star service manages your bookings and guest contact from start to finish. We provide the best customer service with the goal of achieving the best scores in: communication, arrival, cleanliness, service, price/quality and location. By maintaining a high review score we will rank higher than others in search results of potential guests.  


Check-Out Inspection  

We check that the cleaning is done perfectly and do a damage check. We check that the sheets and duvet covers, (bath) towels, soap, scouring pads, dishcloths, kitchen roll and toilet paper are present correctly. We check your property after each booking to ensure that the guests have left everything in perfect condition after their departure, so that we can welcome the next guests.  

We take care of communication with guests and reassure them during check-in and check-out, explaining the property and appliances, and recommending activities that can be done in the area around the property. 


Support Legal & Tax Requirements 

We make sure all your guests are registered with the local authorities and that your home has all the legal documents required for a safe rental environment here in Andalusia. The last thing you need as an international homeowner is any issue with the Spanish law, ViVi Homes is here to make sure this will never happen. 

We make sure you as our partner has as little work as possible. Every month you are sent the full overview of past month’s income and expenses which makes doing your taxes with one of our specialist partners a walk in the park. 

Our focus is to ensure that everything around your holiday home is hassle-free. Interested? Contact our team now for an explanatory talk!  


With this service it is required to contract the ViVi Homes Property Management Package.