From €45 Monthly (Incl. VAT)

  • Home Health Check 
  • Online Presence and Findability 
  • Secure Key Holding
  • Damage Control*  
  • Safety Check*  


From €45 (Incl. VAT) Monthly  

Save time and travel to Spain, let ViVi Homes take care of managing your property. We will take care of your home as if it were our own.  


Home Health Check (Includes Quarterly Rental Health Report) 

We will provide you with a full home health report once every quarter. We open doors, windows, and water taps, check for leaks and fumes, and possibly insects. We check and make sure that everything works such as electrical equipment, television channels, internet, lighting, etc. We also check the air-conditioning (heating/cooling) and the hot water settings. In consultation, we can also take care of the watering of your plants.  

We will fill the inventory where necessary with wine glasses, coffee cups, and other items that should be stocked for the guests to enjoy your home as they should. Small replacements (unit cost under €5,-) are covered by us.  

We do all of this to make sure the guest has the best experience possible, everything in the home should function. This is called a healthy holiday rental at ViVi Homes.  


Online Presence & Findability 

For your home to be managed and for it to be able to be booked, we are depending on several software programs. With this monthly fee we can ensure that your home is healthy internally, but also that it can be booked by holiday guests year-round & world-wide.  

These software systems will allow us to provide detailed insights of the up-keep monthly and help us in providing the necessary income settlements. The digital administration of your home is done in a clear way, which makes it possible for us to send your income reports to you, but also the quarterly health check for example.  


Secure Key Holding 

We are your eyes and ears here in Spain. If you need any insurance work to be executed or any other visits are scheduled, we can quickly visit the property when we have your key at our safe office location.  Your friends and family can also easily pick up the key here at our office for their holiday. 

This service is included in the ViVi Property Management subscription. Would you like us to arrange solely this service and not property management? The Key Holding Service is €100,- (Excl. VAT) /year. 


Damage Control*  

If we find any damage and it needs to be repaired, we will let you know immediately. We look into who should take care of the damage (owner, community or e.g. neighbours) and we can take care of the full communication with third parties so that they can give us the order for the possible repairs.  


We request quotations (from plumbers, electricians, technicians, painters, etc.) we send the quotations to you as the owner, we organise the appointments, we open the door and we are present during the repair work, we check the quality of the work and we make sure the house is delivered clean.  


Security Check*  

In consultation with you, we empty your mailbox, so that burglars expect that someone is at home. We can even, if you wish, personally mail important mail to you or give it to your gestor. We check the operation of the alarm, and if there is too much rubbish and leaves around the house, we remove them so that the house looks inhabited.  


Homeowners with Partial Rental 

Are you a homeowner that stays in Spain for a big part of the year and want to know how it works with this package? Please contact us directly. 


*These services are offered by ViVi Homes on an hourly basis. Additional services are available in consultation and for a fee.  


This service is required when you have contracted the ViVi Homes Full Rental Service Package.  


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