From €75 Monthly

  • In your Absence
  • Hygiene & Check
  • Damages & Repairs*
  • Safety Check*


From €75 Monthly

Save time and travel to Spain, let ViVi Homes take care of managing your property. We will take care of your home as if it were our own.
Hygiene & Control
We will visit your home once or twice a month, open doors, windows, and water taps, check for leaks and fumes, and possibly insects. We check and make sure that everything works such as electrical equipment, television channels, internet, lighting, etc. In consultation, we can also take care of the watering of your plants.
Damage Control*
If we find any damage and it needs to be repaired, we will let you know immediately. We look into who should take care of the damage (owner, community or e.g. neighbours) and we can take care of the full communication with third parties so that they can give us the order for the possible repairs.
We request quotations (from plumbers, electricians, technicians, painters, etc.) we send the quotations to you as the owner, we organise the appointments, we open the door and we are present during the repair work, we check the quality of the work and we make sure the house is delivered clean.
Security Check*
In consultation with you, we empty your mailbox, so that burglars expect that someone is at home. We can even, if you wish, personally mail important mail to you or give it to your gestor. We check the operation of the alarm, and if there is too much rubbish and leaves around the house, we remove them so that the house looks inhabited.
* These services are offered by ViVi Homes on an hourly basis. Additional services are available in consultation and for a fee.
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